Working with different profiles and large libraries and a few questions

Hi there, I’ve got the following scenario:

I’ve got mainly 4 different libraries setup in Kodi that I like to keep separate (Adult-Movies, Music, Kids-Movies, Audiobooks)

So within Kodi I use profiles and named MYSQL-DBs to sync these libraries and for to be able to “mix” them up within profiles (sleeping room needs Adult-Movies & Audiobooks, living room needs Adult-Movies & Music, kids room needs Kids-Movies & Audiobooks).

So far, so good. I’m able to set up the clients and I’m able to point Yatse to these different profiles with using different ports when wanting to switch between profiles on the same client.

My main problem is:
All libraries are quite large and need a good deal of time to sync with Yatse on my phone. Even longer, as the clients are RPIs “only”.
My idea now is to setup a headless kodi docker to take over the scanning and syncing as I’m able to tell Yatse to use a known Client and re-use it’s library. So my hope is to sync Yatse with the headless kodi on my powerful and fast server and add the clients themselves with “using central DB” within Yatse.

Main reason is that syncing Yatse takes ages (syncing with a kodi running on a PI) and I need to sync for every client separatly and for every profile. So I hope to make syncing faster and only have to sync 2 profiles, although I have 2 Clients with 2 profiles each needing 4 Hosts within Yatse… Pick what I mean?!

Best would be to only have 1 profile and make use of “nodes” and “smart playlists” for to separate the 2 Audio-DBs and 2 Video-DBs on the clients, but I would not be able to reflect these separations within Yatse, correct?
Advantage would be to not have to setup a headless kodi with 2 profiles then, too :wink:
Is there a way to keep content within one library separate within Yatse like it is with nodes or smart playlists?

Kodi 18 has some additions made to the music library (thx to Dave!), like using music sources as “nodes”. Am I able to re-use these additions within Yatse?

Yes you can use smart filters and source filters in Yatse, to easily filter the data you see at any time.

See and the source filter in the filter menu.

But those filters can not be enforced even in Kid mode, so this would not work for the kids as they would be able to remove the filter and see all.

In all cases you should not create an headless with 2 profiles as only 1 profile is active at a time and switching can lock JSON out. You should have 2 dockers with 2 Kodi.

Hi Tolriq,

I’m a step further with my one DB setup instead of 4 :wink:

I’ve got my kodi-headless up and running (mysql) and my media is added with sources.
If I now add the headless server as a host within Yatse, all is fine. The only reason I’m adding the headless instance to Yatse is to base all other hosts on this one within setting (use central server - mysql).

If I now add one of the clients to Yatse and set it to be based on the headless-host within Yatse’s settings, it syncs, but:
If I chose a source within music artists, the artists get filtered and only the source’s artists are displayed but have no albums!? It’s always “no media” or “syncing, pls wait”. If I choose no source (choose remove) and search for the same artist, all albums are displayed fine.
This even works within the headless host, but not for the clients?!

And a short question for my understanding:
I thought that if I choose one host to be the central host and add another host based on this (already synced) host, the syncing will be done against the central host, not the client?!

As always logs and more details :slight_smile:

For the sync no it always sync to the actively connected client so you need to have the proper sources declared on all your hosts.

Yes, will provide logs :slight_smile:

Setup the primary host and sync it to yatse
Setup a 2nd host that’s using the first one as master (central)
Sync 2nd host

Now select 2nd host, music, artists and choose one of the source libraries (Quellbibliothek).
Select an artist and you’ll see, it has no albums (no media).
If one removes the source library restriction now, the albums appear.

This only happens with the source library “filter” set to a source.
No smart filter, etc set.

Both, master and client share the same sources.xml and use the same Mysql DB.

Pls let me know what logs you need.

The logs when it says no media would be a start :slight_smile:

What happens if you select the first host and apply the same filter?

Forgot to say,
If there’s “no media” shown, removing the source filter shows the albums!

The master shows albums fine with source filter set.

I’ll provide logs when at home


sent logs from client and master.
Enter artists, choose one artist = albums are shown
Go back to artists, select the source containing the artist, select the artist = no media
Uncheck the source = albums show up

Go to artists, select one artist = albums do show (same as on client)
Go back to artists, select the source containing the artist, select the artist = albums are shown!
Uncheck the source = albums still are shown