WoL - works from tablet, not phone

I have an older Samsung Galaxy Tab-E tablet running on Android 7 with the Yatse remote app installed, version 10.8.0

Pressing the power button in the Yatse app sends WoL and HTPC wakes up from its powered down state. Libreelec 19 on x86/64 machine.

I have a Samsung Galaxy A70 running Android 11 with the Yatse remote app installed version 10.8.5

Pressing the power button gives the same on screen text results but the HTPC doesn’t wake up.

All devices are on the same LAN with the same settings in the Yatse remote app and the phone and tablet on the same wifi router with it being 2.4GHz.

The only thing I use the tablet for now is to start the HTPC when I am too lazy to walk across the room.

If I had WoL running form my phone I could retire the tablet and repurpose it.

Any ideas?

Without the mandatory logs from the template you deleted it’s hard to tell anything.

Most obvious reason would be typo or wrong Mac address for the host.

Here are the logs attached.

phone-debug-20210612_082038.zip (955 Bytes)
tablet- debug.zip (1.1 KB)

The MAC address was wrong in the phone … no clue why as was totally different to tablet.

On Android 11 Google blocked auto detection of the Mac Addresses so you entered it manually and probably copied from the wrong place.