WOL and start kodi and a mode automatic

Is it possible to add a feature to start Nvidia Shield tv by push for example the WOL button and start Kodi and a mode for example PVR mode automatic? So don’t need to start kodi from Android Home by using my gamepad anymore?

You mean:

That doesn’t work for me. Android box and kodi turn not on.

So you do not have a feature request but a support problem? :slight_smile:

In that case what about giving the necessary details? The starter works as I use it everyday on my shield…

I activate WOL in kodi settings but I don’t know how and what is that thing with port in yatse. Where I have to activate the ports.

So it’s not a feature request.
It’s not a not working problem.
I suppose it’s an I don’t read problem then :slight_smile: