WIN10 (Manage Cache) Download error!

Be sure to read to provide necessary logs and information.

**Unable to Download image Cache to Yatse (Android) on Win10, What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated as this is the Only App worth using for Kodi! This topic was a issue for Linux I believe, Just wondering if there’s a fix for Windows version of Kodi? (Extras) No Firewall, No Antivirus, Running, Kodi’s Web interface works fine remotely **:

Log included from Yatse:


Additional information:
debug.txt (30.5 KB)

2019-08-31 19:41:44.470 Verbose/KodiIsengard: --> [801] GET
2019-08-31 19:41:44.852 Verbose/KodiIsengard: <-- [801] 404 Not Found (379ms, 82-byte body)
2019-08-31 19:41:44.856 Verbose/KodiIsengard: <-- [801] File not foundFile not found

Your Kodi have wrong data in it, clean Kodi database and ensure that the metadata it have is correct.

OK, I’m doing it now!

Unfortunately No success…Full clean via Kodi and also full Clean via Addon and Still getting the Error, Another log attached. Managed to get just over 500 images before the error! debug.txt (4.7 KB)

The log is empty, but it’s the same issue, your Kodi have wrong data in it.

I’ll remove the error handling to non error images will continue to download, but your Kodi have invalid data.

You are not forced to prefetch data, Yatse load images when browsing.

That’s odd! What would create empty log after reproduction of issue? I’ll do Fresh install and scrape of kodi on my other PC I’ll just use the same IP config etc etc and see if this error is still there! I’ll report back soon!

As said next version will ignore errors as this is not the first time users have issues with Kodi keeping invalid urls in it’s database.

Excellent news, I heard what you said, an interesting find, every concurrent cache update adds more images to the total, so every scan i do in Yatse adds roughly 100+ more images, up to 970 ish images out of 60235 in (Movies)…What would explain this behavior?

P.S Great to see a work around to this issue in the next update!

Download order is not constant and stops after 5 errors.

After Current Update, Issue still not fixed, now getting download error “(Large Number/Random Number)”

Another issue is Sync to Kodi is inconsistent, “Offline” When Yatse is still able to control Kodi…

Still Currant issue of Cache on Yatse Broken and Sync to Kodi now broken too!

The issue is solved as the download errors does not stop downloading the working items.

I can’t fix the issue that your Kodi have bad data in it, this is you and your Kodi side of the things.

For the other part Kodi can be controlled by 2 different ways, if offline then you have a Kodi webserver issue that can’t handle so much data but you are using it seems Kodi Isenguard that is 4 years old maybe you want to update to something that actually works better?

Using Kodi 19 (HDR Supported MOD) Version, Download Doesn’t stop, Yes, but no data is cached onto device. HTPC specs well beyond Kodi’s recommendations and certainly Yatse’s…Seems to be a lot of blame game here “Tolriq” The “past” issues you have with Kodi staff should not apply here as you obviously still are working to support Kodi as this is your Primary App… Customers Don’t want to hear your excuses “just fix what we pay for”…Look forward top a better version soon :slight_smile:

You are mixing so much thing and makes so much non sense that I don’t really know what I can tell you…

Yatse connects to Kodi to get data, if Kodi have issues or Kodi crash or Kodi returns bad data what do you expect Yatse to do? Some black voodoo magic?

If you have an issue with Kodi 19 then open an new issue and provide necessary logs, but no I’m really sorry to hurt your feelings I won’t be able to fix your Kodi side issues, Kodi returns 404 when asking for the images it says it have, there’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I CAN DO about that.

And I’m also sorry to inform you that yes Kodi is full of bugs including in Kodi 18.4, but that yes updating your Kodi will fix quite a few of them …

It really seems your “feelings” are Hurt, I’ve read quite a few of your posts, and it seems you struggle to keep a cool head…As it seems that you don’t understand basic questions, I “already” stated I’m running Kodi 19, Kodi’s official remote has no issues caching any data to it, Just Yatse, and the Offline issue and consistent Sync drop is not a Kodi Issue as I can still control Kodi fine after Sync drop. Be Professional and keep it calm and cool…You seem to struggle with that :slight_smile: lol I guess that’s why you got banned from the Kodi Forums???

So no new logs?
No try to understand what I write?

Kore have no sync image mechanism so well hard to compare don’t you think?

I have no feelings at all, I try to help, you refuse to read, since you seems to continue that way then I guess there’s not a lot more I can do.

So either you try to accept help and stop trying to explain me things that I probably understand better, or well you use something else since I can’t help you against your will.

And one last time: Kodi have 2 ways to control http / event server, offline is http issue, the arrows is event server, so yes sorry you can be offline and still control Kodi …

I’ve read and re-read a number of times, I think you’re a little too hot headed and stubborn to accept, the fact that cache image even after complete, doesn’t actually cache anything, even the NON 404 data/images, So there is actually no fix for image caching, I will recreate this issue and upload logs, both from Kodi and Yatse, I’ll also pass these logos onto Kodi staff, to see what they have to say, although I already know what they will say about you and your app! All Offline function is useless without artwork or you’re just looking at nothing in Yatse! I guess it is true what everyone is saying about you and your attitude lol, Wow, App not worth even 10 cents at this point! Do your job, that’s what we pay you for!

You are incredible man :slight_smile: Really :slight_smile:

Btw everything Kodi related if free without ads.

And please show me at what point you explained that no images where cached? You described an error with associated logs, I’ve explained you everything related, and made a change so that your Kodi errors did not prevent the working images from being downloaded.
You even confirmed that some images where downloaded …

So I actually did change Yatse just for you …

The rest is just non sense and aggression, mixing things and being stubborn :slight_smile: Nice try to role inversion here.

About Team Kodi well yes some of them still do not understand that when an application expose an API and crash the issue is the application and not the API consumer :wink:

A small sample: random Kodi crash on using JSON :wink: Reported 4 years ago, present since the start and Yatse blamed by half the Team, and ho guess what it’s a Kodi issue that will maybe be fixed :wink: