Widget problem (Kodi 19.2)

Can the widget be improved? If the title has 2 lines of text - the lower part is not displayed (completely)

As the template you deleted says I always need logs.

What phone, what Android version, what font size in OS settings? Everything would have been in those :wink:

But it sounds like you have scaled up the font size at OS level, there’s not a lot I can do to still fit everything in a fixed size.

This is how it works on all my smartphones: OnePlus 7T pro, Mi 9T Pro and Galaxy S20. Standard font (default). Android 10 and 11. The problem is the distance between the lines. Is it a problem to raise for example 5 pixels (playing time / artist)?
If I set the font to the minimum - everything fits, but the distance between the title of the song and the artist / playing time can be reduced by a few pixels :slight_smile:

I guess the mandatory part of mandatory was not clear :slight_smile:

This is how the widget looks as you can see plenty of space.

So either you zoom your font size from default, or you use a very old Yatse or something else but no it’s not just moving a few pixel as this would solve nothing.