Why do I have .flac files in /Android/data/org.leetzone.android.yatsewidgetfree/file/OfflineMedias/D/?

I found these while trying to solve space issues I’m having on my device.
I’ve never knowingly downloaded offline files, and furthermore when I try to filter offline-only files, nothing shows up.
Or do those files have something specific to do with the widget, as indicated by the path?

They have nothing to do with the widgets, this is files you offline cached at some point.

There’s a manage offline files in the settings to see them and manage them.

Thanks, I never even spotted that choice, but did search for “offline”. It would be nice if the settings-search function included the top-level.

However the bad news is that, even though this did show me the files in question, deleting them in your app didn’t actually remove them from storage.

Any explanation for this?

I’m not mentalist you do not provide any logs :wink:

Press the 3 dots cleanup offline content ?

I did both “Cleanup offline content” and “Delete all files” since the distinction isn’t clear to me upon first-time use. Confusingly, both these operation still report success even after there are no more files listed. However all files previously listed are still in my storage.

Isn’t it too late now for logs to show what happened?

Logs would show why the deletion does not work, you probably changed the offline cache path in the settings so the cleaner clean the wrong one.

There’s no magic in apps and usually they do not do things that you don’t tell them to do.

Thanks, I can accept that being the likelihood of what happened.

My only issue is the app saying that it did something, when it really didn’t.

Well it did what it can.

If you store media in place X then move the storage to place Y (With the app saying the media won’t be moved / deleted do it manually) and then says cleanup Y then X won’t be touched.

As I said I have no way to know what you did, all I know is that there’s no know issues about those and that files don’t offline cache by themselves.

Your last response makes me realize I wasn’t very clear in my last one, since I’m drifting away from the original subject. I guess I accidentally downloaded some files, my bad, but I’m past that.

At this point I’m only nitpcking that the user-interface told me that it successfully deleted files while doing no such thing.

Anyway, thanks for the great app.

As I tried to explain it did what it could and it success at that.

In the settings you can choose where the media are located.

If you download media in location A then change the download location to B there’s a big message telling you that you need to manually clean A or move the data to B.

If you then start clean operations they will touch the folder B, if there’s nothing there, then it says success since there’s nothing to delete.

As I said I have no way to know what you did.