White color with dark theme

just a quick note:

If you use dark mode all the icons are white by default.
If you use also the predefined white-color as theme-color for your host, then you cannot see if a filter is active or not.

Example: If theme-color is blue, then the filter-icon will be blue when a filter (like “favorites only”) is activated and white if deactivated. If theme-color is white, then the filter icon is always white.

This is obviously not a direct bug, however I was wondering why the “white” is a predefined color when it brings some negative side effects.

My solution: Just switch from white to another color :wink:

There is no predefined white color for host, you need to go custom then select white.

Wow… unexpected. I trusted my child, but you are right. Sorry for posting.

No problem it the same with light theme and choosing black :slight_smile: