What transcoding to configure on Tvheadend to support Kodi rendering to Yatse?

[Some forum posts here indicate sensitivity between TVheadend and Yatse so for safety’s sake I posted here first ;-)]

Issue description:
Is there some transcoding that can be configured on Tvheadend to support Kodi rendering to Yatse?

It is known that Yatse cannot render from Kodi PVRs. The FAQ indicates that’s caused by Kodi’s lack of transcoding.

However, Tvheadend does support transcoding.

  1. Would it therefore be possible to perform Yatse-compatible transcoding on Tvheadend before serving to Kodi, to enable Kodi PVR rendering to Yatse?
  2. What would be the recommended media format mutually supported by Tvheadend, Kodi and Yatse?
  3. Some suggestions for how to configure that on Tvheadend would be welcome (I’ve just started using it)

Many thanks!


The Yatse message when trying to render Tvheadend PVR material from Kodi to Yatse is “This media can not be played on a remote renderer. Check the FAQ for possible reasons.”

I can provide debug logs if needed.


Additional information:

Raspberry Pi 3B
Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)
tvheadend/stable,now 4.2.4-dmo1~bpo9+1~rpt1 armhf
kodi/stable,now 2:17.6-3~stretch all
kodi-pvr-hts/stable,now 3.4.27-1~stretch armhf
Yatse 8.8.3/310722

The FAQ gives the simplified version of the reason.

But in all cases it’s currently impossible for Yatse to have the necessary information to get the stream data from Kodi.

So there’s nothing that can be done on the PVR backend to achieve that, it will require additions to Kodi API.

Really disappointing, but thanks for confirming so quickly.

I know this thread is discussing Kodi specifically, but if you don’t mind me asking (perhaps this thread could be renamed to encompass all streaming servers in question?) what about emby/jellyfin?

This is not a thread this is a specific question with a specific answer that can be easily found for the next user :slight_smile:

If you have other question then open your own issue with logs.