Wear OS - yatse not to be found anymore

Hey ,

I have a new smartwatch ticwatch pro and i would like to use yatse on it like i did with my previous smartwatch.
I have yatse installed on my phone.
it looks like yatse is not available anymore for download in the play store on my watch.
the tickwatch pro has wear os H, maybe that has to do something with it ?

Would love to see that this app would be available

I miss the wear app too. I have the same problem here. The app can’t be found on the Smartwatch.

Nice :frowning: Google have removed the Wear app from their store :slight_smile:

I love Google.

Seems I’ll have to write a new Wear 2.0 app … As if I had not enough things to do :frowning:

It was working perfectly on Wear OS 2.6 , i had it on previous watch but this was Oreo 8.0 based.

Ticwatch has Wear OS 2.6 as well but is Pie 9.0 (H) based.

If you have an apk i can test if you want.

Previous APK was compiled for Watch 1, seems they don’t like that anymore.

I have no time to build an app that support both so will rebuild the app for Wear 2…

nice work :slight_smile: !
will you give an update in this thread if it becomes available ?

Update : if you would have a link for the apk, would be nice. couldn’t find a mirror for the wearos version


Thanks ! Still working perfect btw on WearOS 2.6 android H update.

@Tman @Alfistione please test attached Wear APK and report back any issues.

Wear-final.zip (753.1 KB)

It’s working. Only the selection screen is a bit of.
It’s not centered in the middle and I’m unable to scroll through the list.
If I press it manually without scrolling it’s selects the correct media center.

Yep saw that sometimes on emulators :frowning:

Please try new attached APK?

Wear-final.zip (754.8 KB)

Looks good now :wink: !

Ok cool and you can scroll ?

Jep, scrolling is working for me !
From my point of view you can push it to the store.
User approval 1/1.

Still need some tests and confirmations about the notification when you return to home of wear.

I’ve changed many things, and it’s not just about pushing it’s about getting a … approval from Google :frowning:

Notification looks new…
Does it have new features as well ?

Nothing new, the notification was here before, just maybe not working correctly on the last Wear versions.

Had to rewrite tons of stuff because of deprecations :slight_smile:

Well the stop/mute/next buttons are new. Never seen them before on previous versions…
While I’m busy, do you know why yatse shows up 2 times in the apps menu ?
1x remote control and 1x yatse ?
It’s so pointless, it redirects to the same thing.

Because Google voice does not recognise Yatse so there’s an alias that can be recognized and is translated in each languages.

The stop / mute are prefilled for the voice commands, seems using the new things they are now shown like that.

Ok, sounds like the best solution google offers you :slight_smile:
Do you want me to test anything else ?