Watch point removed not refreshing

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Issue description: My host is Plex. I removed some old watch points, pull down to refresh and they appeared again. Closed the app and cleared app cache is still the same. I started a few movies and it does not create a watch point.

Also some external .srt subtitles don’t seem to be detected despite being named correctly beside the file, it shows in Plex desktop/app but not in Yatse. I’ve tried VLC and default Mi video player. Disable Subtitles Search is not enabled.

Logs: (Join files do not paste the content of the files here !)


Additional information:
Using MIUI 14.0.4, android 13 TKQ1.221114.001
Yatse: 11.4.5
License: Pro

The logs does not contains any attempt to play locally.

For the resume point to work you need to use VLC or Mx Player and properly select the corresponding player in the settings.