Watch later / Favorites

is there already any approach around Kodi and Yatse to have something like a “watch later” list.

I would love to navigate through my movie library and mark some of those moves as “watch later”. Then I have a list of all of those movies.

I thought about the “Favorites”, but it is not possible to add movies to the Favorites via Yatse?

I thought doing this via a custom tag and then filter the movie list for those. But I also can not add tags to movies via Yatse, isn’t it?

Can you tell me a comfortable way to realise a list of “watch later” via Yatse (I want to avoid doing this via TV, because scrolling through the movie list on Yatse is really a great experience)?

You can add movies via file mode and the database nodes.

Currently there’s no favorites handling for database items as no way to store that information on Kodi to get it back on sync when they change ids :frowning:

Thanks for your reply Tolriq and also thanks for moving this thicket to the area of “Feature Requests”.

I tested the way you described (via file mode), but this feels a bit complicated and there is no sync back as u mentioned.

However this would be a temporarily solution until you added such a cool feature to your great Yatse.