Wake up lan before play to kodi?

Great app and addons i am using it many years now.

Using kodi on android tv , kodi is not always on so i need to first activate it manually and then send to kodi.

I thought that maybe the wol plugin will do the work but it just wake up kodi…

I still need to do 2 operations to cast to my tv , idealy what i am asking for is that each play to kodi will wol first.

Other question is about the sharing.
On my phone i dont see play to kodi with kodi icon ,i see play to media center which works perfectly , but i want to know what is the difference.

I remember i used to have the nice kodi icon share and the play to media player one

If Kodi is off, press the power button will send WOL and start it if you have entered the MAC Address.

If the host is on then the plugin can start Kodi too.

For the last part no idea what you are talking about so hard to tell more, when you remember open an issue for it.

So i need two different operations to stat streaming to kodi .

1 - turn it on
2 - stream

Thought it could be done in one action some how

Well it’s the same for nearly everything in life :slight_smile:

Yatse can’t send wol wait 30 seconds each time you press a button in case that’s what you wanted :slight_smile:
And what if you press play by mistake and start the computer for no reason.

Sorry but can’t implement what you expect.

thank for your fast replies.

i understand the problem.

but when you saying “start the computer” its not the case in my personal usage : the only thing i need is to bring kodi to front /start kodi on android tv that is 24/7 working , any idea for a

Use the Remote starter plugin?
Press the power button in Yatse and Kodi is started / bring to front :wink:

Only if kodi is offline should play start WOL. Is this possible? I would love to use my tablet on the wall with yatse. Select a movie and pressing play on that movie wakes up my shield tv, starts the movie with kodi and turns on my projector and home cinema audio system via HDMI CEC. Like a true cinema. Without having to use the movie screen for any navigation at all. I Even think you can add a delay in kodi so the projector can get ready before the movie starts.