Wake on LAN over VPN

I have a VPN server in my network and I use it to connect Yatse on my phone to the Kodi server when I am not at home so I can stream media content (music mainly, but also a video from time to time). Some times I forget to wake Kodi up when I leave home, and right now it is not possible to do so through VPN with Yatse; my guess is that the broadcast is only done in the WAN/4G connection of the phone but not in the VPN; however, using Fing I am able to specify not only the MAC but also the IP of computer I want to wake up and then the packet reaches its destination through the VPN connection.

Right now it is not a big deal because, as I say, I can use Fing to wake Kodi up in such scenario, and it is not like I am going to uninstall Fing from my phone anyway, but it would be great if this functionality were also available in Yatse to make it perfect something that is already excellent

WOL to an IP requires a proxy that will then do the broadcast else it’s not WOL.

This is what Yatse does when you are not connected to the same network, else broadcast that the VPN should / could allow.

There’s no proper solution for your need that would fit Yatse sorry.