Wake on LAN does not work

Hello, I successfully installed Yatse app on my cell phone and I configured it for remote control the Kodi on my TV box.
Everything works great except WOL. I can not start Kodi via cell phone. After tapping the Power button or Kodi multimedia button I only recieve a message “Packet WOL was sent, the host should be started”. But it does nothing and I have to start Kodi manually from the original remote.
I bought even Remote starter plugin, install it on my cell phone and configured it but it did not solve my problem. I have also installed plugin Yatse on the Kodi.
I have TV box Minix Neo U1 and I have CoreELEC installed on microSD card.
Are there some special settings somewhere to be via CoreELEC able to start Kodi within Yatse?
Thank you.

Without logs https://yatse.tv/wiki/debug-yatse-kodi-remote hard to tell a lot.

But WOL and starting Kodi are 2 different things.

If you want to start Kodi you need the remote starter plugin installed on your BOX not on your phone as written in bold in that application description.

Here is the log.
Please, how can I download & install the remote starter plugin into my TV box? I have paid for it already and installed it in my cell phone. In the CoreELEC there is no pissibility to download and install the remote starter plugin (I guess). I should have zip file to be able install plugin.

debug-20200915_153932.zip (3.3 KB)

Ok so coreelec is linux based you can’t install the remote starter you need to get refund by Google. (Next time read the description it’s actually useful :wink: )

For linux see Kodi Starter script for linux: Linux script to start Kodi from Yatse (NeoAcheron) for script, but this is out of my support if you don’t know how to use it sorry.

I am not planning to ask my money back. As I have written above, the app is working great. Maybe somebody will help me with Linux later.

Just to be clear the starter plugin must not be installed on your phone it will kill your battery.
It’s to be installed on Android TV Box if you don’t have one it’s useless for you.

Ok, I get it. Thank you for your quick help.