Wake on LAN custom command

In the new 10.6.0 version there is the option to group multiple custom commands into a combined one.
This feature is really awesome to turn on and off multiple devices with just one click.
However, the Kodi server itself can be Hibernated, but then it cannot be Waked up on LAN anymore via custom-commands (apparently, the Kodi built-in instruction is more to wake up other devices via the Kodi server, not the Kodi server itself).
It would be great if the WOL functionality could be added somehow as a custom-command (not as a Kodi built-in command, but more as a Yatse built-in command).

Thank you very much in advance.

Fully functional with the new update 10.6.5.
Now, together with the option to group multiple commands, I can prepare different scenarios with just one click.

Thank you. Already waiting for new versions with amazing features.