Volume cannot be changed with the button

Hello, Yatse is a wonderful remote control for Kodi. I was happy to buy the Pro version and have been satisfied for many years.
Now I’ve installed Kodi 18.9 and suddenly the volume control no longer works via a button. What am I doing wrong? Is it a bug?

Many greetings

There’s no bugs :slight_smile:

Unfortunately you lack logs and details to be able to help you. see How to get debug information and open a proper issue

Anyway you have probably enable passthrough in Kodi and so Kodi no more controls volume. Or you have broken your Kodi keymaps.

Thank you for the quick answer. The debug file is attached

debug-20210205_175802.zip (6.1 KB)

passthrough is disabled

All is OK on Yatse side you forget Kodi logs :slight_smile:

The other possible reason is that you have the option allow remote control from other device disabled on Kodi, or broken keymap on Kodi too.

All is explained in the FAQ.

I have three Kodi installations on 2 x Raspberry and 1 x Fire TV stick, and recently the same problem everywhere. The problem also occurs on the tablet, where Yatse is also installed.

kodi.log (54.2 KB)

As a reminder you did start by saying that you updated Kodi and then had issues.
I really don’t know why you must assume the issue is on Yatse side, Yatse have way less bugs than Kodi.

With that said:
Yatse logs properly shows the commands being sent
2021-02-05 17:57:34.673 Verbose/EventClient: sendButton(R1,volumeplus)
2021-02-05 17:57:35.239 Verbose/EventClient: sendButton(R1,volumeplus)

And kodi logs shows that the event are received and are the proper ones.
2021-02-05 18:40:57.120 T:1937100208 DEBUG: HandleKey: leftctrl (0xd0) pressed, action is VolumeUp
2021-02-05 18:40:57.837 T:1937100208 DEBUG: HandleKey: leftctrl (0xd0) pressed, action is VolumeUp

So as said, either you have enabled passthrough on Kodi, or have broken keymaps or other Kodi side configuration issue.

You can edit Yatse host and disable event server there to workaround keymap issues. But it will still be a Kodi side issue and will prevent some functions to work properly.

“You can edit the Yatse host and deactivate the event server there” how do I do that?

All explained in the Wiki Yatse: Kodi remote and cast configuration (As the rest in the FAQ :wink: )

Edit your host and uncheck use Event Server.