Volume button not controling the HTPC anymore



Need full logs started before the reboot.


Okay here you go.

SS after i started debug befor reboot.

SS after a reboot.

And lastly a debug log of it all.
debug-20190301_143347.zip (123.0 KB)


Well no error at all, Yatse just do not receive the commands from the OS.

If you press the arrow in the volume dialog to show all entries what is present ?


Then this is what i got, and right now Yatse is running and playing stuff also.


Sooo, any news on this?
That was what you wanted to see a picture of right?

Anyway it’s still not working here.


Well no idea seems your device does strange things :frowning:


Well damn.
I’ll let you know if anything changes, or i find a way to reproduce it so i can pinpoint where it is.
Perhaps someone else gets the problem and will turn up in the forum sometime and post in this thread also.