Volume adjust from Yatse to AV Receiver

Hi, first my setup:

Android Q with latest Yatse
RPi4, Kodi on LibreElec 9.2.1
Onkyo AV Receiver
Samsung TV

I can change the volume of the AV receiver through Kodi with the Yatse remote > Speaker -/mute/+ buttons.
I can’t change the volume of the AV receiver with the volume slider from the Yatse widgets volume popup. It changes the internal Kodi volume only.

Is there a solution to make it also work with the widget volume slider (the mute button works) or maybe a Yatse release with new widgets with the speaker -/mute/+ buttons directly (pls no popup).

I think fixing Yatse volume slider to AV receivers volume isn’t possible. How can Yatse know the actual volume status if i change the volume from other remote. Maybe with help of the Yatse kodi helper? :thinking:

You lack logs all volume should things handle properly things.

And you can always enable the lockscreen option to control volume with phone buttons everywhere outside Yatse when something is playing.

What a bummer with the missing logs. Maybe send a request to the Kodi devs?

I’m with Smart Lock active underway and didn’t see the lockscreen @home!

Nothing related to Kodi, and no idea what you are talking about smart lock. But I forget the new name of the option publish media session :slight_smile:

Smart Lock is a Google Android feature under Settings > Security to disable the lockscreen with a Trust Agent. It can be the Location, Bluetooth device or if its in my Hand


Yes I know but this is completely unrelated to the discussion :slight_smile:

So why not provide the asked logs, more details and enable the option I just told you?

Mhh, you wrote:"…and no idea what you are talking about smart lock." So i send you the info.

You wrote: “And you can always enable the lockscreen option to control volume with phone buttons everywhere outside Yatse when something is playing.”

But i didn’t see the Yatse lockscreen notification if my Smart Lock is active and i’m @ home.

And why logs if the speaker buttons in the Yatse remote works and the volume slider in the widget popup don’t. So we need only the speaker volume buttons in the Yatse remote window also in front of a Yatse widget.

You wrote there is a missing log or EventServer (read it in a other thread here from you) in Kodi to read the actual volume status. That’s make sense for me to didn’t get the actual volume for the volume slider in the Yatse widget volume popup. So its only controls the Kodi internal volume only.

Sry if i misunderstand something here. Also english is not my native language and sometimes it can be little rude what i’m typing! :relaxed:

There’s a setting inside Yatse now called Publish media session enable it and hardware volume keys will control volume outside of Yatse.

For the rest you are mixing tons of things that you seems to not really master :slight_smile: So please just provide Yatse logs so I can see what you are doing and what is your issue.

“There’s a setting inside Yatse now called Publish media session enable it and hardware volume keys will control volume outside of Yatse.”
Nice feature but not perfect, can’t control my media volume of the phone directly anymore.
Maybe an alternative for me.

Now my first post is only relevant. :wink:

Please answer:

  1. Volume slider of the Yatse widget volume popup controls only Kodi’s internal volume?

  2. If 1 is correct is it possible to make a switch in the Yatse settings to change widgets to Yatse volume buttons (these in the Yatse remote window on top of the navigation cross). These buttons changes my AV receiver volume perfectly through Kodi/CEC. It looks little bit inconsistent to me.

  3. If 1 is not correct and the slider must also work like the volume buttons in the remote then i’ll grab a log immediately or there is a settings in the Yatse Settings i miss!

Big thanks for your patience!

I’m really starting to loose that patience, this is Sunday and you keep ignoring what I write and make me loose time with my son …

For the last time:

So the first sentence already answer all that, it should work and provide the damn logs.

And the publish media session only controls Kodi when something is playing, 99,99999% of the time you are not listening and controlling Kodi and listening on your phone at the same time.

But reading more your post I suppose that you are in passthrouh mode in Kodi and are not using the proper plugin inside Yatse ?

Relax Tolriq! Nobody says that you must answer all questions here in your forum immediately
Take your time and good is! I have time and a 8 year old son also. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If you say to me: “Hey Cris, the volume slider must also work like the volume buttons” then i know there is something wrong from my side and then i will do everything to find maybe the wrong Yatse setting and also take logs from Android and Kodi (what also consumes time from me to search how and do this). Simple or.

And the publish media session is ok, sure and maybe your usability but 84,88888% not mine!
Scenario: My son looks some Disney stuff, grabs the TV remote and push the volume to the limit ( :wink: mostly a little bit to loud) then i will lower the AV receiver volume but i’m also sitting on my balcony and looking a YT video. Its my usability to change the media volume from my phone with the hardware buttons and switch fast to the homescreen Yatse widget to reduce the volume of Kodi/AV Reciver.

Ok some further information:
Yes my Kodi works per passthrough mode with my AV receiver. But i doesn’t understand why it matters if the volume buttons from Yatse are working and the slider not??? Ok, ok. I’ll grab logs next day!

The Onkyo/Integra plugin is not compatible with my old TX-SR607. Has checked already!

Also its not really an important thing here from me to find the solution fast as possible. I’m interesting in how things are working. Sure i can send you simply logs. You fix something or not, that’s it. Not my intention.

Hope all is fine by your side and nobody nearby is mess with CoroVid19!!!

Greetz from Berlin/Germany

Logs takes 10 seconds to generate and send and the support templates clearly state that the are mandatory :wink: Wayyyy faster than the time it took to write all your messages here and would have contained all necessary information that you forget at first :slight_smile:

CEC does matters a lot, because then it’s not Yatse issue but Kodi issue, Yatse just sends the correct volume commands all the time, then Kodi do things with them, sometimes CEC, else nothing, but Yatse have no way to know and do anything about it, that’s why the AV receiver plugins where made to workaround Kodi.

So there’s nothing to fix on Yatse side, if the volume +/- keys works you are lucky and can use Yatse API from any tool you want like tasker/automate/… to create the wigets / quick settings tiles / whatever to send those commands in the ways that suits you best.

Android debug log Yatse only: 03-16 09-10-12.479 1520.txt (11.9 KB)
Android debug log full: 03-16 09-53-09.783 4413.txt (90.9 KB)
Kodi debug log: http://ix.io/2enF

Maybe you find something… ^^

The AV receiver plugins are all only for receivers with network support right?

It takes me 30min to take logs and post these here, lost time to tech now my son for school (j/k :wink: )! In Berlin all schools are now closed, CoroVid19! :frowning:

If you had clicked the link I gave https://yatse.tv/wiki/debug-yatse-kodi-remote you’d know how to gather the logs properly :wink:
It’s 10 sec enable a box reproduce uncheck the box click send.

Anyway yes the plugins are only for network controllable receivers there’s no magic.
And as said there’s nothing I can do or offer, this is Kodi way of working, if you want vol up / down widget you need to use Yatse API and any app that allows you to create custom widgets. https://yatse.tv/wiki/yatse-api

And all is closed here too :frowning:

Yes sir, Colonel sir!

Yatse log: debug-20200316_125405.zip (12.3 KB)

I doesn’t steal your time anymore, bye! :smirk: