Voice selection of similar media, like "abc", "abc: next" and "abc: the spinoff"

I have these TV Shows:
Star Trek
Star Trek: Voyager
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: The Animated Series

When I try playing with a voice command the show “Star Trek: Voyager” (“play star trek voyager season one episode one”) the S01E01 of Star Trek: The Next Generation starts playing.
To overcome this I say: “play voyager season one episode one”, since I don’t have any movie or other shows named “voyager”. But what to say if I want to play the original series?

In the log you can see that speech recognition worked correctly. The problem is that for the DB search the LIKE ‘%Star%Trek%’ is used which in turn will match all the shows I mentioned. And I gues the first one in the set returned for the LIKE is “Start Trek: The Next Generation”.

So my final question is: how can I play using a voice command an episode of the original Star Trek series?debug.zip (6.4 KB)

There’s an error in the logging part, but the star trek without voyager is what I receive from Google :frowning:

I’ve added the other variations to the AI Engine as known TV Show, please try again in should work (may take a few hours to be active on Google side)

Not quite there yet.
“play Star Trek Voyager season X episode Y” is OK
“play Star Trek The Next Generation season X episode Y” is OK
“play Star Trek The Animated Series epsiode X season Y” is OK
“play Star Trek Deep Space Nine season X episode Y” is OK
“play Star Trek season X episode Y” is NOT OK, plays the episode from The Next Generation

Logs? And more text to reach 20 chars :slight_smile:

Sorry, here is the Log.
Issueing voice command: “play Star Trek season 1 episode 11”
I get playback of Star Trek The Next Generation season 1 episode 11 and not the requested episode of the show “Star Trek”
debug.zip (6.7 KB)

Ok so correct answer from Google, will see how I can improve the queries then :frowning:

Ok so @Diodato please send me an email from inside the app so I can send you an APK to test.

Solved with v 9.2.7B2

Actually no it will be in 9.2.7 final :wink: 9.2.7 B2 is already out without that fix.

As said by mail please make many regression tests on other shows.