Voice control with Alexa

I have gotten the voice plugin to integrate with Alexa, and it works very well for the most to control OSMC on my raspberry pi. This is awesome!

A couple of issues I am having -
Playback controls don’t work at all. No play stop pause or resume, they all return invalid command.

There are some tv shows that it just doesn’t recognize, particularly it seems, children’s shows. If the title of the show has “baby” in it (for example Classical Baby, or Little Baby Bum) it will always play Baby Einstein. On a funnier note, if I ask it to play the show Daniel Tigers Neighborhood, it plays the song Flotsam and Jetsam by Peter Gabriel! :slight_smile: Is there a way to teach it shows?

And finally, is there a way to have Alexa say anything other than “Command Sent” in response to a command? Just a tone would be okay, or a custom response would be cool.

Thank you so very much for this integration, it’s a really great beginning!

Without the mandatory logs there’s nothing I can do.

  • plugin log.

And not it’s not possible to change the answer sorry.