Voice control missing

I thought I would try this remote out on kodi. After downloading and configuring, there was no voice control button. So, I paid for the full version, and same thing. Am I missing something here? The main reason this interested me was the voice control. In reading the documentation, it seems it should just be above the remote icon, but it’s not. I checked it to display in the menu and that didn’t work. There is a widget, but nothing happens when I click that either.
Yatse is installed on a Samsung Galaxy S8 and kodi (Krypton) is running on an android box. I also installed the kodi yatse addon, but that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with voice control.

Without logs:

It’s hard to tell but usually this is because you have no voice recognition software installed or it’s disabled.
Check if the Google app settings that it’s enabled properly.

I have google and google assistant, echo, bixby and samsung voice all installed and they work. I use either google assistant or echo on my phone to control smart home devices, etc and they work just fine. Is the something else that needs to be installed on either my phone or the android box?

There’s a very big box in my answer :slight_smile: why not click it and provide the asked logs? :slight_smile:

Nothing needed on the box it’s all on the phone.


All checks are to disable things no enable them :wink: So be sure to uncheck :slight_smile: