Voice command wish list

Update Kodi library
switch audio track on video

and most of all -
Cast to - “watch 30 Rock in living room” or “watch 30 Rock on this device”

Thanks for all of your hard work!

Playing to other devices is complex as you can’t rename most of the renderers. And IA will fail at understand some complex names :frowning:

And “this device” is hard to manage as the command can come from Alexa / Google home or tons of other things :frowning:

And since I usually do not add things that do not work 100% I doubt this will come soon :frowning: sorry.

Will see for the rest.

Thanks for the fast response!

Next version will have support for the following voice commands

next audio track
scan video library / clean video library / scan audio library / clean audio library

For the devices selection for the moment not possible and no plans, but keeping in mind if things evolves.

That’s really cool. Thanks for your hard work!

Is there a way to say “play next”? So I can watch episodes of something and if I fall asleep, my shield will just turn my TV to a black screen (It will turn itself off from CEC settings from inactivity).

I can set “play from here” instead & set the sleeptimer on the TV, but I would prefer to do it differently… Is there a way? “Arrow down plus enter” (using transparency! skin, fanart view to be specific).

Or is there a full list of voice commands somewhere? I looked but I did not see it anywhere… I do appreciate the clean video library / scan video library voice commands by the way thank you for those :+1:

play next episode will do that :slight_smile:

Yatse Voice Commands cover mosts.