Voice additions

I just purchased the voice plugin and it’s great! Thank you so much for this additional service. I’ll be buying it again for my wife’s account.

I am hoping that you can add to the voice command possibilities. I previously had an alexa skill tied to kodi that would allow such phrases as “Play a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger from the '80s” or “Play a comedy movie rated PG-13”. Is it possible that the voice commands could be extended to include these more complex style commands based on the various metadata yatse already knows?
If this is already a feature and I’m just doing it wrong, I’m happy to be educated too :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the great work, and putting up with all of our stupid questions :stuck_out_tongue:

In theory it’s possible and was planned, but Google AI that I use does not handle this nicely as Google does not properly have list for actors and such :frowning:

The agent is fully oriented toward natural speech, but most people use it with play toto without any details. That makes the whole engine less efficient in the end and forcing more detailed queries now after all those years would impact many actual users.

What skill did you use?

For the moment 95% of the plugin users are Google Home, but it there’s enough Alexa users, It’s possible that I enable some stuff directly at Alexa level that may support those only there via the video skill.

The skill I was using never left beta, but was:

This was back in 2018 that I last used/tested this skill.

Ok so after a quick look video skills does not allow custom endpoints this requires some more intermediary an potential cost to users with AWS :frowning:
I guess I’ll have to find a way to improve Dialog flow and remove the too generic commands.