View queued YouTube video titles on playlist

Cheers! This is a follow-up to a Play Store comment I made earlier. Here is the comment itself:

Excellent Kodi RC with many features. Able the one thing that would make it complete is being able to see which YouTube videos I queued up on my playlist. (Currently, it only shows the word “play” on a playlist. As queueing videos through Kodi itself does not have this problem, Yatse is probably not printing the titles upon queueing the videos.)

(To which Tolriq responded that it doesn’t have that functionality. That’s—I didn’t mean with a printing machine! :joy:)

I think it might be best if I provide a screenshot of an example.

This is what it looks like when I queue YouTube videos through Kodi itself. You can see that the video titles are displayed properly.

This is what it looks like when I queue them through Yatse. These videos will play correctly; however, there is no way to know which ones correspond to which without actually clicking on them first.

I hope you can make something work!

Well if you had read all my answer you’d know that this is a know Kodi limitation / bug.

And that you need to install Yatse kodi addon to workaround it :wink:

There’s nothing else I can do on Yatse side.

Ah! Excuse me, I didn’t have enough information to go on from just the response in the Play Store. Cheers! I’ll let you know if I have problems.

That’s why I wrote millions of messages about not using Play Store comments for support :wink:

350 char limits and 90% chance users do not get answer, at least you get the answer.

Do not forget to update your comment.

I will, as soon as I find it again. (and my phone finishes updating.) I’ll also include the link you posted here, as I didn’t have this before posting this thread.

Unfortunately, unless I missed something, installing the plug-in didn’t solve my issue.

Did I need to leave the “Prefer Kodi YouTube addon for YouTube urls” disabled?

I guess you know the answer :stuck_out_tongue: But yes if you enable it you get back to working without the addon.

Well, I disabled it, but it didn’t fix my issue. I’m not sure what I’m going wrong; I installed the latest repository, as far as I know.

Okey-doke. I have the Yatse log here. If you need the Kodi one too, I’ll work on uploading that. For now, I hope this alone is enough.

Ho ok so you queue directly from Yatse not by sharing from youtube.

Then there’s nothing Yatse can do to bypass this Kodi limitation. Yatse can’t make Kodi resolve the plugin added to playlist and Yatse can’t push metadata either. (Yes I know but from Kodi GUI it works …, but this is not how JSON works)

The workaround is only applied when sharing from youtube application and selecting play / queue on media center.

Hm, that’s a shame. Not even having Yatse pull the page title before queueing works? I know Potplayer does this.

But then, I’m hardly in a position to suggest changes, as I’m completely inexperienced in programming. All I can do, really, is point at other programs to maybe provide insight into how it could be done.

In any event, thank you for your time!

The problem is not about having the data it’s about having an API to be able to push the data to Kodi.

GUI can do that, Yatse (or any other app) from JSON can’t, Yatse have a workaround when you share from Youtube app that fits your needs (by using a Kodi plugin that can do more as intermediary), but from browsing the addon it’s not possible to apply it without being ugly hacks.

Tl;DR: Use normal youtube app and share function :slight_smile:

Good idea. I’ll start doing just that.