View audio folder/files

Hi - long time subscriber of Yatse here but only used it for videos until now.

Could someone explain how I view my music library by folder? It doesn’t appear as a top option (genre, album etc). Accessing my music library by folder is my single most-used way of navigating through my library but I can’t work out how to do this in Yatse.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

You use the file mode in left menu? :slight_smile:

But everything is faster when using library mode, with proper tagging and Kodi 18 everything you do by folder will be better with library.

Hi Tolriq,

Thanks for your work on Yatse. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now. BTW I’m on a Minix so Kodi 18 isn’t available yet.

I’m not entirely sure how the file mode in the left menu works. I click Database and all it does is display the same options (albums, artists etc). No folder option. There’s no UPnP option for Kodi, even though it is switched on (and available via Bubble). What am I doing wrong? Any guides on how to view by folder?

It shows your sources. I suppose you are using locally stored data that are in auto created sources.

For those as the FAQ explains you need to manually create a duplicate source to allow access :wink:

No, this all sits on an external hard drive which I have mapped manually using Kodi. The FAQ re manually creating a duplicate source, is that in Kodi’s FAQ or yours? I can’t find this in your FAQ.

It’s in mine :slight_smile:

And to be honest if you had provided the logs as the support template require it would be a lot easier to help :wink:

External hard drives are usually auto mounted and auto added as sources in Kodi. Add a source that point to that folder and you’ll be able to browse it from Yatse. If a source is not visible in file mode then it’s not a real source.