Very Large Database Slow Sync No Sync

I didn’t put this in the support category as I cannot get logs to generate and don’t want this closed on creation.

I have about 9000 movies and 11,000 tv show episodes, the database takes a very long time to synchronize, I do believe it synchronized for a brief moment as it showed the movies/tv shows and the correct counts and was able to stream OK.

The main issue is the synchronize just sits and spins when i use the app and after I reload sometimes it shows movies and sometimes it doesn’t. I do hope it doesn’t need to synchronize when I load each time or if someone refreshes by bottom/top swiping.

After I tried to get the debug logs and it showed it was empty I decided to reset the settings and re-added my Kodi server hoping If i leave it alone for a few hours it will sync?? Its been sitting on “Database Synchronization running. Please wait” for a while now.

I’m on the latest version of XBMC 20.2 Nexus, I’m running the bubble server and have installed the Addon Script helper.

Any advice? If things start to work correctly I’ll jump on and close this out
Thank you

You will have the same answer.

No logs no chocolate, I’m not magician to see.