v18/Leia / Music / no songs synced

When connecting to v18/Leia, music DB syncing works but only artists and album names are synced. No songs.

v18 changed JSON API and many apps have not yet been updated, including kodi’s own web interface (shows the same issue).

More details including kodi logs in this discussion:


I see the same error triggered by yatse as this:

15:12:25.922 T:140249047422720 DEBUG: JSONRPC: Incoming request: {“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“method”:“AudioLibrary.GetAlbumDetails”,“id”:“1529781145889”,“params”:{“albumid”:3889,“properties”:[“thumbnail”,“playcount”,“artistid”,“artist”,“genre”,“albumlabel”,“year”,“dateadded”,“style”,“fanart”,“mood”,“description”,“genreid”,“rating”,“type”,“theme”]}}
15:12:25.922 T:140249047422720 DEBUG: JSONRPC: Value does not match any of the enum values in type
15:12:25.922 T:140249047422720 DEBUG: JSONRPC: Array element at index 12 does not match in type properties

Those logs are not generated by Yatse.

Yatse have never asked this field and I’m quite aware of the changes in Kodi JSON :wink:

So please provide Yatse logs so I can see real issue :slight_smile:

True. Those came from webinterface. I tested both though, webinterface and yatse. Webinterface would hang when trying to list songs from any album. Yatse completes syncing, albums/genres/artists are OK, but shows zero songs (out of 40K) so I assume is the same problem.
I will do a new round of testing next week with leia and will capture yatse’s own app logs at that time

Yatse fully support the very latest Leia alpha’s and the very latest JSON changes :wink:

If Yatse does not show an error message then you probably have a filter activated.