V 10.0.0 remote layout change

The back button has moved from the lower left corner to the middle left and I can’t get it to go back to where it was.

I’ve tried all four portrait layout options, hopefully I’m just missing some setting

Nothing have changed in V10 you have disabled the option back in navigation pad

It was there before the upgrade then after the upgrade it wasn’t, but where do I find that setting ?

This have not changed and sorry there’s no random code that would have changed that option only on your device.
And for the record the default of this option is to be on so the button where you want it :wink:
And it’s strange that you can provide a screenshot of the button on the proper place with V10 on one device if it is was the case no? :slight_smile:

There’s also a search button in the settings :wink:

It’s in Interface/Advanced.

Thanks that did.

I’m not sure what happened but happy that its working now, me and my wife have been using your app for a couple years. Its great (the screen shot was hers which still had the button)

We did just upgrade phones and maybe I didn’t notice until the v10 upgrade, I used the cloud restore (on both our phones) but still super happen.

Thanks again