Using Yatse With Emby Server Live TV

Hello here is my Log…I get this Eroor for Live TV…
This Media Cannot be Played on Remote Renderer…Please Check the FAQ for Possible Reasons…

[Support] Yatse (423.6 KB)

Hum seems a bug went in at some point.

On the channel list, press the 3 dots then play it should work like that.

I’ll need to find why the play from EPG sometimes bugs.

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Ok, that works…So How can I Pipe this feed thru the Emby Nvidia Shield Client like your Kodi Remote works?

The exact same way as for oKodi you select the player in the cast button as the videos shows :slight_smile:

Hmmm…When using Yatse on my Phone as I do with Kodi, It automatically plays on Kodi on the Shield But it gives me no option to select the Shield for Yatse with Emby. Do I need to install Yatse on the Shield? I think you have it listed as not compatible.

The Emby Server is on My PC and the Emby Client is on the Nvidia Shield…So I need to install the Emby Server on the Shield in order to get this to work as I want?

It does as I said click the cast button on top right to select the player, the shield is Chromecast compatible.

You should really take some time to read things :slight_smile: There’s everything needed everywhere :slight_smile:

Yea, I know…Sorry. I thought maybe you would have support for Emby Client instead of just server…Chromecast is not too reliable casting Live TV. Thanks.

Thanks for the Video…This Cast Seems to work pretty good with Live TV!

Chromecast should be stable if your Emby is stable :slight_smile: (And it seems it is seeing your comment)

And you can install Kodi on the shield and cast to it then all supported by Yatse.

PS: The video and many more are on the wiki :wink: