Using Yatse with CEMC

I’m a regular user of Yatse for my Kodi 17 running on RPI3 and FTMC on Android 4.4 with great pleasure and without any problem.
I also have an Amiko A3 on which I can only use CEMC (Android 4.2) but it seems that Yatse doesn’t recognise this server.
Any solutions for this?

No idea what CEMC is :slight_smile: But if it’s based on XBMC and not Kodi then nothing I can do about that.

Wow, that was quick :slightly_smiling_face:
CEMC=Community Edition Media Center’ is a lightweight fork of Kodi.
Would be nice if I could get Yatse to work with it.
If it’s any indication, and to avoid you’re wasting time on investigating, Kore is also not working with it.
I get an error message something like “Yatse can not recognize the version”

Then I’m sorry but I can’t support all random forks that does not respect Kodi API :frowning:

Yes, I certainly understand.
Just a last “straw”, if it’s so that Yatse goes to read some text file to find the version could you tell me what/where the file is and what you would expect to find in it? Maybe I can just update that file with what you want to find in it :wink:

Nope it’s compiled in Kodi I ask Kodi for it’s version via JSON and API level. Nothing you can change in a file.

Got it, just trying my luck.
Anyhow great job on the Yatse remote, I enjoy it every day :+1: