Using full trial and have a few questions

I’m thinking of buying Yatse but had a few questions before I do (I’m in the trial period so am using the full version). I read the wiki, searched the forums, and looked through the knowledgebase and haven’t been able to find the answers to these so am asking here.

First, I can get external subs - all SRTs - on either Emby or Jellyfin to cast to anything - not Kodi, not DLNA on my LG TV, not via the Fire TV plugin, nothing. Am I missing something here? The video and audio work fine on all those, just not the subs.

Second, also with subtitles: while I know with using Yatse with Kodi direclty I can adjust the offset, but can I do the same when casting, i.e. delay them or move them ahead?

Third, what exactly is Yatse using to cast? Is it using my phone or connecting the cast device directly to my server? I’m asking because I noticed that when casting Emby, the Emby dashboard saw itself as connected to my phone and not to the final device it was winding up on and I’m curious if the limitations of my phone - codec limitations, CPU, RAM, etc - will limit what I can cast, like will using Yatse on an older mean some major delays in casting, say, a 4k UHD 7.1 stream?


Tons of different questions :slight_smile:

Subtitles are currently not transcoded to reduce server load, but this come at some cost.

  1. Your TV probably does not support external subs via UPnP, only logs could tell.
  2. Kodi does not support subs when streaming via JSON but does via UPnP so you can use that as a wokaround.
  3. FireTv does not support external subs.

Yatse can only adjust subs on Kodi and with external subs streamed to Chromecast as they are the only one with proper APIs.

Yatse does not proxy the stream so it goes directly from your server to the target device. But since Yatse support many devices and things that Emby does not know, Emby only sees Yatse as a client even if it’s not entirely true.

I know but I figure I’d better ask all before the trial week is up so just a few more clarifications. :slight_smile:

Is there any disadvantage to using UPnP vs JSON for Kodi streaming?

And just to be clear: the limitations of the phone won’t affect stream? I’m asking because I have a few old Android phones sitting around that I was thinking of making into Yatse remotes and want to make sure their outdated tech won’t affect streaming performance.


Kodi UPnP does not support sharing of random website site / youtube as it would require parsing on Yatse side and ban from Play Store :slight_smile:

Use JSON for those with the Yatse plugin.

And no the phone won’t impact the stream performance but to have the latest Yatse versions you need at least Android 5, below your stuck with older Yatse versions that does no more fully support all the last changes of Emby and Jellyfin.