User Interface and control of several streams (multi server/client-control

Feature requests for user Interface for control of several streams to several clients.

I want to use several clients and servers at the same time, i want to cast from server1 to client1 and from server2 to client2 etc.

Existing feature limits control with my android phone.
To start two different streams is functional but to remote control them via UI is a feature I miss.
If I start Kodi renderer first and then cast to Network Player. I have to close one stream to control the second one.
I do not know if this feature exist so I attached a log.

The second request regards the Start Page feature. When opening the application i always come to a overview of local media instead of Remote feature.
I have tried changing Start Page to Remote but it don’t work as I think it should aka Start Page. Is there a second setting I need to change to have Start Page set to Remote?

Let me know if there’s some extra information that you need.
Credit to you for an amazing application. It is my preferred app for media control.

OnePlus (26.9 KB)

Sorry but not plans for that this is out of the app scope.

When casting the remote is connected to what you are currently casting too. So if you are not casting to another Kodi the remote screen is not available.

Same for the start page, if you save the last renderer and it’s not a kodi then no remote screen so can’t be the first page.