Useful commands

Hello everybody,

As in 8.90 B1 mentioned, it is a good idea to share useful commands via forum.

I want to share mine, but especially I am interested in yours!

Actually mine are very trivial but also very helpful:

Scan Video Library
JSON-RPC: “VideoLibrary.Scan”
(Whenever I added new movies to library and want to see it in Kodi NOW, I hit this button)

Clean Video Library
JSON-RPC: “VideoLibrary.Clean”
(Whenever I deleted movies in the library and want to see the change in Kodi NOW, I hit this button)

Switch to Profile KIDS
Built-in: “LoadProfile( KIDS, [prompt] )”
(I use different profiles with different kind of movies, e.g. KIDS, PARENTS, following command switches profile with one click)

Looking forward to see more useful commands!

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The nice things about new release is that you can actually export the files and directly upload them here, no need to write the commands content anymore :slight_smile:

I’ll create a sub category and a tag to help find them :slight_smile:

Can you please give me a hint how to import yac files? I have exported it, wanted to import at my wife’s cell phone… have not succeeded

Click on it in any file manager or http link or use the share function from another app and select yatse or import custom command :slight_smile:

I thought also that’s the way it should work but it didn’t. If I click on that file I see that Yatse is opening but nothing appeared in the custom commands…

No need for … :wink:

Please open a new thread with logs, so i can see the issue, but custom commands are tied to things, so if you import custom commands made for Kodi 17 and your hosts are Kodi 18 they won’t be visible for example as not compatible.

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I currently use in addition to the default media center commands the “AlarmClock” function with shutdown after time runs out and the “toggleDPMS” function to switch my monitor off and on (useful if I want to listen to music and the monitor should be off).

I’ve added the .yac files but in case import is not working for some reason here are the commands in plain:

Starts a 90 min timer with the name “Sleep” and execution of the built-in command “ShutDown” at run out to turn the host off
Built-in command: “AlarmClock(Sleep,ShutDown,90)”

Cancels any timer with the name “Sleep”
Built-in command: “CancelAlarm(Sleep)”

Toggle monitor on/off via DPMS (VESA standard, probably not working for TVs - try the CEC commands for TVs)
Built-in command: “ToggleDPMS()”

127_Start 90min Sleep Timer -ShutDown- .yac (368 Bytes)
124_Cancel running Sleep Timer.yac (348 Bytes)
130_Turn Monitor On-Off -via DPMS- .yac (349 Bytes)

What kind of commands do you people use?

Hi eusi,

Sorry for opening up an old thread but are you still using these custom commands in the latest version of Kodi? I’d very much like to be able to switch profiles easily for precisely the same reason you have done - kids’ access but only to their type of movie - but while you’ve listed a Switch Profile command, you haven’t shared a yac file for me to import - and I don’t have the first clue how to go about creating it. Any chance you could share the yac?

Kind regards,


Hi discmeister,

Haven’t tested it yet with Kodi Matrix (19+), but with latest stable (Leia, 18.7) it works perfectly.

My profiles are called PAMI (master profile) and KIDS (profiles/KIDS/).

Here the yac for KIDS:
custom_command_3_Switch to KIDS.yac (358 Bytes)

Hope this helps!


When adding a JSON-RPC custom command, what do you enter in the Method field and what in the params field?

In Method i put: Input.executeAction
and then entered a command {////////) but it does not work or do anything, so i’m not sure i have it right.