Useful commands



Hello everybody,

As in 8.90 B1 mentioned, it is a good idea to share useful commands via forum.

I want to share mine, but especially I am interested in yours!

Actually mine are very trivial but also very helpful:

Scan Video Library
JSON-RPC: “VideoLibrary.Scan”
(Whenever I added new movies to library and want to see it in Kodi NOW, I hit this button)

Clean Video Library
JSON-RPC: “VideoLibrary.Clean”
(Whenever I deleted movies in the library and want to see the change in Kodi NOW, I hit this button)

Switch to Profile KIDS
Built-in: “LoadProfile( KIDS, [prompt] )”
(I use different profiles with different kind of movies, e.g. KIDS, PARENTS, following command switches profile with one click)

Looking forward to see more useful commands!


The nice things about new release is that you can actually export the files and directly upload them here, no need to write the commands content anymore :slight_smile:

I’ll create a sub category and a tag to help find them :slight_smile: