Use Albumart instead of Artist Fanart

It would be great if you could implement the possibility to show the Albumart (Cover) instead of the Artist Fanart in the Song overview of an Album.
Thanks in advance…

I’m not sure to follow, the album art is already shown in that page.

In the top of that screen… :wink:

So you want the same image 2 times? And a square one in a rectangle? :wink:

Yeah. I know what you mean… :wink:
Maybe zoomed and blurry…?
like in the now playing screen.
I don’t use Fanarts for music…

That would not render nice at all :frowning:
Not talking about the fact that most users have 300*300 embedded image so very low quality :frowning:

Hm. Makes sense… :slightly_frowning_face:
Anyway, thank you for your time… :wink:

I’ll try to see what it gives if I use a color derived from the album art instead of the current media center color.

Thanks. That would be great… :smiley:

Done some tests and nothing renders good sorry :frowning: