UPnP issue with samsung TV

Hi do you want to implement the streaming of pvr content?


This is not possible due to Kodi limitations sorry.

Oh sry, i forgot to tell you that i use emby vor pvr :slight_smile: is that possible?

It should then https://yatse.tv/wiki/debug-yatse-kodi-remote

debug.log (743.3 KB)

Here you go or should i create a bugreport?

Please give more details as I see tons of UPnP errors.

Can you stream real medias?
Can you stream PVR to your android phone?
All channels don’t work?

As many details you can :slight_smile:


Mediastreaming (mkv) with yatse to kodi and android is no problem.
Pvr stream to android/kodi is also no problem
Media and pvr to the samsung smart tv is a problem with yatse. If i search via upnp on the smart tv iam able to play media and pvr from emby.
Smarttv is samsung ue55ju6050

Br and thx

Ok so the issue is streaming to your TV that have issues :slight_smile: Quite different one :slight_smile:

Jep it is. Only related when i stream to the tv(i have only this one) :wink:

Can you please contact me by mail so I can send you test APKs?

I have send you a mail

debug-20181001_200524.zip (71.0 KB)
Here is the new log. Now the smart tv is showing the info that the format is not supported. There isnt any error when i try to do it within emby and upnp.