Unlocking Yatse on an Amazon Fire Tablet

I have older Android tablets and a newish Samsung 'phone where the unlocker (purchased In-App circa 2015) works fine. My newest tablet is an Amazon Fire Tablet. I have installed Yatse from an APK file, so it does not update automatically and has no unlocker. Is there a way to buy the unlocker for the Fire tablet. I would happily buy a further license for functionality on the newer Fire Tablet that I own.
Regards from Jeff

You can purchase the paypal unlocker from the website (from troubleshoot inside the application).

Please not that this unlocker requires you to have the email you register the unlocker as a system account in Android / Settings / Account, if it’s not present the unlocker won’t work.

Also note that once downloaded the paypal unlocker are activated and can’t be refunded.

Sorry there’s no better way thanks for Amazon that removed Yatse from their store for unknown reasons.