Unlocker in google play store

Hey there Tolriq,

Was using the app this morning when adding adding (temp) osmc pi kodi for dev. After adding i noticed the “Like this app, buy now” notification at the bottom of the listing. Well, i think i’ve bought the app 8 times at least now so a mistake i guess but no…


and this with every account i bought it on (and i looked back when we had our first mail-exchange, 2016 :slight_smile: )

No idea why but something happened with the play store and it happened this morning…

Can’t tell a lot more than Yatse licenses issues solutions

But you probably have in app unlocker so it’s normal Play Store says you have to purchase this one.

If i have the in-app unlocker, why suddenly this one then?

Better yet, how to solve it?

Read the link I just gave you ? :slight_smile:

Yep, that did it (reading that is :joy: :joy:)

When i wanted to test your test genimee.com url the message was gone… :joy:

Magic words you are writing my dear friend, magic words…