Unlock on Fairphone 4 Murena (e os) does not work


i recently migrated to a Fairphone 4 Murena with /e/ os and MicroG. I bought an In-App-Unlock back in 2014 but Yatse isn’t recognizing my licence. I went ahead and bought the legacy unlocker app additonally (since Yatse is great and i want to support the project i didn’t mind paying a second time for it). This partially works. The Yatse app is unlocked when i install the Legacy unlocker. But wehen i close and reopen Yatse the licence is gone again. I have to reinstall LegacyUnlcker anytime i want to use pro-features.

MicroG is configured to use my original gmail-account (and allowing access to the associated gmail-account for yatse) which i used to buy the the in-app-licence back in 2014.

Maybe someone can give me advice how to unlock using /e/-OS and MicroG?

Best regards

If your MicroG does not support licence checks then the only possible solution is the Paypal unlocker discussed in a few topics here.

Hi, you can forget this app. I have 100% your situation. I have Fairphone 4 with Lineageos and microg. He is not reacting to the fact that you have installed the legacy unlocker, because he knows it doenst work. He simply ignores it. People on Playstore say the same. He did the same with me.

But you also dont get your money back or a coupon for Paypal unlocker.

This is really bad customer support.

Hope you find a replace. If you find someone with a “working” solution, I am interested :wink:

Hey nice lies on a random old post :slight_smile:

The Paypal solution works.

You purchased on Play Store, your licences is tied to Google, the FAQ is very clear with that.

When you purchase a gaz car and years later decide that gaz is bad and want an electric car, do you have a new free electric car by magic? No it’s not how it works.

You decide to change something on your side and think that because you make a decision on your own I must assume the consequences of your own choices? Come back to earth, that’s not real life …

BTW you asks for features and get them, you ask for support and get it, that’s good customer support.

But your Karen actions right now are just the plague of every seller in the world …

Okay, you are right about the change on my side. But why so many other on Google Play store have the same issue?

If it was only me, ok. But the issues seem to be lying deeper.

Why does the legacy app not work? Please start commenting this. You still dance around this fact…

btw: I never said PayPal does not work. I said its bad to pay two or three times and only get it once.

I already answered … The legacy Unlocker is a Google license and it does check the license …
If whatever Google emulator you use does not properly answer then it does not work.

The license check is made via a Google library that talk to Google Play Store. What you do when you do not have Play Store or proper Google Play Services is not my problem. I do not have to assume the consequences of your choice.

I said its bad to pay two or three times and only get it once.

Yes it’s very bad to purchased an app for 3$ that work on Google play then after having tons of new features including some you asked want to no more use Google but think that paying again a new license to fit your new need is bad … Wake up dude.

There’s users who actually donate 2€ every month since many years because they appreciate what I do for them. And then there’s people like you … All the time I take to answer you actually cost me more than the price of the unlocker …

I can confirm that the yatse keeps locking me out of my paid licence. As stated in my original post i bought the InApp-Unlock, the legacy unlocker and finally the paypal-unlocker. The first two methods do not work on my FP4 with /e/-os as expected and explained in the documentation. The paypal unlocker kinda works for a few days. Then my licence is also gone. I have to reinstall the paypal unlocker for yatse to accept my licence again. I would love to see this sorted out, but have to admit that i mostly use my diy-homeassistant-dashboard to talk to the kodi api… This yatse licence issue keeps poping to my attention anytime i want to stream something from nextcloud to kodi :face_exhaling:

So, from my point of view there is some truth in both postions. Godfuture is right, the original issue is not solved, but i understand that this is an project driven by hobbyists like me.

If the PayPal license does not work then you have an issue with the mail associated with it or the permission or where the email is configured.

You never talked about Paypal license issue nor provided logs so I could help.

Hi, yes, sorry i never properly reported the issue with the paypal unlocker. I was very busy and lost sight of the issue. Anyway, I did create a log today.

Steps I took:

  1. enable Debug-Mode in Yatse on my Farphone 4 Murena (/eos/ v1.13)
  2. started Yatse and tried to reclaim my licence (did not work)
  3. stopped Yatse, uninstalled the paypal-unlocker and reinstalled it
  4. started Yatse again, still no licence
  5. restarted Yatse again, now the licence is present

I guess I’m in the grace period again and the licence will stop working after the grace period expiring. During the whole process debug-logs were turned on. Please have a look at the attached file .

Best regards
debug-20230830_093618.zip (33.3 KB)

So yes the license is explicitly refused.

Check that the unlocker have the account permission enabled and that the email you purchased for is added in your OS/Account list.

If there’s no account there there’s a few post about how to have it depending on your ROM. But it’s always install a mail program then add the account with disabled sync so that it’s present.

I can confirm that i bought the paypal unlocker for the same address that is configured in Micro-G. This account is also listed in my OS/Account list.

I also tried to understand the log-output. I guess the relevant entries are related to the Firebase Manager, right? As far as i can see the rest is just log output of yatse talking to my local kodi-instance and my kids watching TV :smile:

$ grep -v Nexus debug.log | grep Firebase
2023-08-30 09:25:29.720 Verbose/FirebaseManager: Status: 0-
2023-08-30 09:25:29.720 Verbose/FirebaseManager: Setup successful.
2023-08-30 09:26:29.615 Verbose/FirebaseManager: Result: F21
2023-08-30 09:26:29.616 Verbose/FirebaseManager: Refused
2023-08-30 09:32:31.630 Verbose/FirebaseManager: Result: F21
2023-08-30 09:32:31.630 Verbose/FirebaseManager: Refused
2023-08-30 09:33:34.724 Verbose/FirebaseManager: Result is null
2023-08-30 09:33:34.872 Verbose/FirebaseManager: Status: 0-
2023-08-30 09:33:34.873 Verbose/FirebaseManager: Setup successful.
2023-08-30 09:33:50.802 Verbose/FirebaseManager: No result
2023-08-30 09:33:50.803 Verbose/FirebaseManager: Status: 0-
2023-08-30 09:33:50.804 Verbose/FirebaseManager: Setup successful.
2023-08-30 09:35:16.468 Verbose/FirebaseManager: Result: F21
2023-08-30 09:35:16.469 Verbose/FirebaseManager: Refused
2023-08-30 09:35:16.493 Verbose/FirebaseManager: Result: T42 *******some blackenend ID here********

Can you explain how I can check if my licence is permanent or if I’m still just in the grace period? What the relevant log entries are?

You can’t and I can’t as that unlocker works outside of the server checks.

Did you change the permission of the unlocker at some point?

No, i did not change app permissions for the unlocker, but i noticed that the unlocker app did not ask for any permissions in the first place. I’m not sure if it can access the account list.

Hum yes the permission button is grayed out.

Looks like your OS prevent this permission? Maybe there’s a way to allow it?