Unlock on Fairphone 4 Murena (e os) does not work


i recently migrated to a Fairphone 4 Murena with /e/ os and MicroG. I bought an In-App-Unlock back in 2014 but Yatse isn’t recognizing my licence. I went ahead and bought the legacy unlocker app additonally (since Yatse is great and i want to support the project i didn’t mind paying a second time for it). This partially works. The Yatse app is unlocked when i install the Legacy unlocker. But wehen i close and reopen Yatse the licence is gone again. I have to reinstall LegacyUnlcker anytime i want to use pro-features.

MicroG is configured to use my original gmail-account (and allowing access to the associated gmail-account for yatse) which i used to buy the the in-app-licence back in 2014.

Maybe someone can give me advice how to unlock using /e/-OS and MicroG?

Best regards

If your MicroG does not support licence checks then the only possible solution is the Paypal unlocker discussed in a few topics here.