Unfinished movies in Yatse not populating and Resume not working w/ Plex

Brand new user and install of Yatse with connects to my Plex server. Right after install it listed Lego
Movie in Unfinished Movies list. Even though it is NOT listed as such in Plex.
I have set the VLC player in Settings > General > Video Player.
I watch maybe 30 mins of a different movie yesterday through Yatse/VLC. It is not listed in Unfinished Movies. When I browse to the movie through Yatse it does not offer Resume as an option.
I have an additional Forum post for sync issues with Next Episodes. I cannot help but to think they might be related.


Same as the other, without logs and details I can’t tell much actually :slight_smile:
That’s why there’s an issue template that you removed twice :wink: