Unable to connect while at profile login screen

I’ve seen other people say that this works in Yatse, but it is not working for me. I paid for the full version of Yatse. I’m not clear what needs to be done for this to work. I’m able to connect to the desired profile when it is active in Kodi and everything works normall. But if kodi is at the profile selection screen, yatse cannot connect. I’m noticing the same issue with chorus2, so I admit this is probably not a yatse issue specifically, but I just can’t seem to find any documentation on this anywhere. Running Kodi 17.6 on Android.

You need to be sure to have the proper Kodi configuration (Allow remote control from other application) on your master profile and that Yatse is configured to use Event Server

Allow remote control from other application is on. I followed the guides.

Can you expland on point #2? I suspect that’s it, since I didn’t see that in the setup guides. What port am I supposed to use? I just enabled it, but I don’t know how to configure this on the kodi end. Do I need to set up port forwarding on my router for this as well?

If you are on a LAN there’s never need for port forwarding, doing that open your Kodi to Internet and Kodi is really really not secure.

Edit your host in Yatse and see if the option Use Event Server is checked or not.

I already have Kodi open externally so I can use the Kodi Alexa skill. Last I checked, that skill only works if you have Kodi open externally. I’ve found that I like to be able to access my media remotely. Even with password enabled, Kodi is not secure? What am I at risk of? There is no physical media attached, and all media is coming from Emby, which is not open externally.

Event Server was not checked. I checked it, but I’m unable to test at the moment, as I’m restoring from a backup in Kodi right now. I want for this feature to be able to work remotely, as I have Logout currently set as my screensaver.

Well then if you connect Yatse to external IP you’ll need to forward UDP 9777.

Kodi is http so all password is clear text and easy to intercept, then Kodi have many flaws that give access to all files on your machine.

Usually to open Kodi to outside you add an https reverse proxy with some security on it.

Thanks for your reply, and sorry for the delayed response. I’ve been having tons of issues with Kodi profiles, and so I’ve pretty much scrapped them at this point. But can you go into more detail on setting up an https reverse proxy? I’ve only done a quick google search, and I’m only coming across fairly technical articles.

Also, I believe I’m going to open up Emby as well. The main reason is I’m moving to EmbyCon in Kodi, which probably wouldn’t play too nice with Yatse (although I haven’t tested it yet). In your opinion, is Emby at least more secure than Kodi?

Emby should be more secure than Kodi for sure, but I don’t know if there’s known issue with it or not.
And direct Emby connection is Yatse will work better than embyCon .

And sorry but reverse proxy is a complex technical thing way out of the support I can provide here.

Thanks. And yeah, I didn’t expect you to explain how to set up a reverse proxy, but I just hoped you could point me in the right direction, but I’ll hunt around. Thanks.

And actually - looks like I may move back to Kodi profiles. Not that it matters much to you. But embycon was missing a few features I needed. Thanks for your help