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Issue description:

On the TV show overview page you can see the next episodes. The show watched last has the first (leftmost) entry in the list. If you enter one of the episodes and play it, after the episode ended it takes some time for Yatse being updated that the current episode has been watched. Sometimes it updates automatically, sometimes (rarely) I have to refresh the overview page.

When the update happens automatically, and when I chose not the leftmost show, it seems the overview page is not always “reloaded”. When I chose let’s say the fourth entry in the “next episodes” list, and after watching the episode return to the overview page, then when the update happens the next episode of that show appears also in the fourth position. The underlying data seems to have switched the show to first position already though. So when I click on the just updated next episode image on position 4, I actually get on the details page for the next episode of the show in position 3 - because data-wise the show in position 4 has already been moved to position 1, making previous position 3 the new position 4. The data is updated, but the display is only partially updated (new episode image and number, but not new position in the list). Sometimes this resolves itself after some seconds, otherwise I have to either reload the page by resyncing it, or I have to go to a different page (e.g. remote control) and come back for it to be refreshed.


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I enabled logs before starting an episode and left them on until after the episode ended to show the effect. So after the end of the episode, which took 43 minutes, the update should be visible in the logs. I entered the episode on position 4 getting the episode from position 3 a couple of times until the page refreshed, then started a second episode and then disabled the logs.

Interestingly, this does not seem to happen on my Galaxy Tab A8, on which the page refresh is also way quicker, almost instantly every time.

Easy fix :stuck_out_tongue: Use your A8 :slight_smile:

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I can’t after I tried to put it in my pants pocket. :wink:

No, but I thought it might have to do something with the device performance. The Tab A8 is not way more performant than my A51, but there is less stuff running on it…

Purchase pants with larger pockets :slight_smile: There’s simple solutions to everything :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I’ll try to find time for this, but as told in private this is low priority as such small race stuff are incredibly hard to reproduce first to be able to fix.

I did - and now I can’t fint the tab in the pocket anymore :joy:

Sure, it is not a big issue anyway, I thought I just report it properly.