Tune transcoded stream from jellyfin server

Greetings! First off I realize this might not be such a simple request and thank you for maintaining yatse.

So if the title doesn’t make a hole lot of sense here’s where I’m going with it:
When viewing my media I’d like to be able to tell my server to transcode, for example, in [email protected] when I hit play.

I like the way it’s presented in the jellyfin app, but I prefer yatse’s layout to that of the jellyfin mobile app. I realize people have their preferred media players (like vlc or a Chromecast for example), so perhaps having an external option would be best? I was thinking right after you hit play then you’re asked of what quality you want the stream to be.

So in conclusion I realize this would be more difficult than other requests, but on the other hand yatse could become an all around mobile frontend for all these kinds of media servers. I think that would be neat and it could potentially draw in more people :stuck_out_tongue: . So thank you for reading I appreciate it.

I’ve also prepared a short 11MB video to sort of show what I’m talking about; however, it seems discourse isn’t permitting me to attach it.

Reference src code: https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin-android

Somewhat related release…

There’s already a settings to define the max BW when streaming to device on Wifi / Cellular and to Chromecast :wink:

General / Expert.

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Oh my! You’re a legend m8. The single downside to this app is having so many settings you don’t know what to do with them xD. You’re awesome. :rofl:

There’s settings for most needs, but never the need to change the settings by default for most of the users.