Trouble casting streaming video to kodi

Hello everyone,

I’m having a bit of an issue with Yatse. I’m trying to use the cast feature to cast video streams from my android phone to my kodi (running on openelec, with the Yatse Kodi Helper Script installed).
So I open up the youtube app, start a video, click share and hit the Yatse “Play on Media Center” button. My media center displays “working…” for a while then shows “Playback failed: One or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message.”

Interestingly enough, using the exact same process but using “Play on Kodi” from the Kore app does work, leading me to believe that the issue lies with Yatse. Also worth noting is that if I play a locally stored video or music file, the casting feature does work, it’s only streaming video in combination with Yatse that doesn’t seem to work.

Log file can be found at:
Let me know if there is any further information needed.

Any advice on how to resolve the issue would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:661) (ENCODED)

There’s a problem with your device that can’t connect to Youtube with any of the parser.
I guess your OpenElec is too old and lack supports for the new Youtube certificates.

You can remove the Yatse addon from your Kodi and Yatse will work in degraded mode like Kore so youtube will work as the plugin may ignore ssl errors, but you’ll lacks advanced things that Yatse can propose with sharing.

First of all thanks for your quick response.
That’s a bit surprising, I’m running the latest stable version of OpenElec (8.0.4), so I wouldn’t expect the age of that install to be the cause.
I disabled to Yatse addon on Kodi and the results were that when I tried to “Play on Media Center” using Yatse there now is no “Working…” message on my media center anymore, nothing seems to happen at all.
I then uninstalled the addon altogether, and now it does work! :slight_smile:
It would be nice to get the full functionality working as well though, do you have any suggestions as to how the SSL issue might be resolved, given that Im already on the latest version of openelec? Could doing a full rebuild and reinstall help?

Thanks again for the help and for the great app.

[edit] found broken URL before but it’s working now, nevermind :slight_smile:

Well I don’t know what the underlying issue is I just see the logs :slight_smile:

Another possible issue is that you have a proxy / VPN that tamper with ssl, or you are infected by

Yes disabling the addon is not enough, I should probably test for this case :slight_smile:

And yes the repo was forgotten during server migration it was fixed a few hours earlier :wink:

And to finish even if I usually do not push toward specific builds or OS or vendors, you may want to try LibreELEC as a replacement for OpenElec.

Cool, I’ll give LibreELEC a try, thanks!

Edit: For anyone running into the same problem in the future, a new install of LibreELEC fixed the issue.