Transfer/sync "watched" status from 1 host to another host

I have a new hardware system for playing media files and i want to sync the “watched” status for media items to the new host for the new system.
Is there any way to do that ? there’s a possibility I’m overlooking things but to me it seems the options in the Manage Settings tabs only deal with settings for the app/hosts it self and not whether you have watched a movie/show or have media with resume points. I can’t make it work in any case.

All the media files are on a separate server and those locations and filenames are unchanged.

Any help would be appreciated, apologies in advance if I’m seriously overlooking any options in the app that can do this.

You lack the main information :slight_smile: What is the media center?

Yatse only displays what each media center have and eventually update it but the only source is the media center, depending on the media center each one have different tools to migrate libraries between them but this is not Yatse side or job to do that.

Yeah sorry, i associate Yatse with Kodi automatically as it’s the only media center i have used :slight_smile:

But i seem to have solved the issue through the Trakt plugin, it seems that can sync between the site and Kodi media center as wel and update the relevant information.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile: