Transcode before download

I’m just starting to use Yatse more and more in combination with Emby. Yatse is King! :smile:
One thing I miss in Yatse is the possibility to transcode the episode before download starts.
Transcoding while streaming is fine.
In the Emby app, when U tap download (episode, season or movie) you get the question if you want to transcode the file before download to another bitrate. (choice is original, 15, 12, 8 , 4 or 1,5 Mbps) .
This would speed up the downloads considerably on slower wifi networks for example.


There’s plans for that but in a lot of cases the gain is lost due to time taken for transcoding.

Main real gain is about storage space.

(And with the incoming Smart Syncs most users won’t have the dialog to download as it will be automatic :wink: )

Thanks for your answer, just to let you know:
Emby also asks the question when downloading a full season with the option to skip watched and add new content automaticly (similar to smart sync?).
So new episodes will also be transcoded before download.

In the case of speed vs. time recoding, my server encodes pretty quickly, :smile: and in case of full season downloads it transcodes faster then I can download on some wifi networks.

Storage space is of course also important in general.

Thank you for looking in to this :+1:

Interesting also in the transcoding feature. If the episodes are going to be downloaded to my device I don’t need the full size of it, mobiles have shorter storage :slight_smile:

Also interested. Maybe choosing the quality for every download?

Hey guys, as Emby allows to convert media, yatse could do two things to improve greatly:

  • search for emby-converted media and let the user choose between all qualities (incl. original)
  • let the user add media converting jobs on emby (only convert and convert + download)

Looking forward! Yatse and Emby work great together.


I’ll add a +1 to this.

It would be great if Yatse could support downloading transcoded copies of media, rather than the original source files from a backend that supports this (so emby / plex / jellyfin). Use cases for this:

Files are smaller, so take up less space on the client, and if pre-transcoded transfer more quickly.
Transcoded files can be more compatible - some file formats are picky for playback, such as DTS soundtracks.

There’s a couple of ways this could be done:

Integrate like a native player. Plex / Emby / Jellyfin all support clients with offline transcoded copies, however this may require payment.

‘Stream’ a transcoded copy to disk. Again, supported by all, but likely fee-free.

Support download of pre-transcoded streaming copies. All three backends support pre-transcoding content to a pre-defined bitrate / resolution file next to the original to avoid live transcoding for remote streams. If a client requests streaming a file with a lower bitrate than the original, this pre-transcoded copy is streamed to lower cpu load on the server. If Yatse can identify / download these streams then it solves my use case.

My current setup (with Emby):

For libraries that I know I’m going to watch offline, I have it set to pre-create a 4Meg 720p copy of every unwatched file. These copies get auto-created for each new piece of media that’s added.

On the client I’ve got it set to keep sync 4meg copies of unwatched episodes of these shows - so the client will download the pre-transcoded version if available. If there’s no pre-transcoded copy, then the server will transcode it before sending to the client.

I would like to have this feature too!

I recently purchased the Bubble upnp on play store, the player app and configured it in yatse (which is licensed too) thinking this was meant for this

I have Kodi running in a raspberry pi and the videos are usually large downloads over the WiFi. Is it possible to do so with external tools outside yatse? If yes, how?

I guess the transcoding is happening also when playing over Bubble to VNC mobile for instance?