Tracks double in Yatse

Why do I see by many albums tracks are double in Yatse?
Because in Emby is this not?

What about the mandatory logs ? :slight_smile:

What do you expect me to say from a photo?

File was too big,

see this link:

Your emby server does return it twice when asked with different Ids

{"Name":"Looking For Something Else","ServerId":"88ddf0cf2dd44aee89537691637f410e","Id":"48260",

{"Name":"Looking For Something Else","ServerId":"88ddf0cf2dd44aee89537691637f410e","Id":"48276",

So for Yatse it’s 2 different songs as the Ids are different. Don’t know why Emby does not show them in double but the API does.
Are the songs added in multiple overlapping libraries?

It’s very strange.
When I search fot the same track on Emby library I find only one track: ‘‘looking for something else’’

As I said I have this issue by more albums.
This tracks are not added in more libraries.

Do you have any further suggestions

Without access to the server to do more test queries not much except to cleanup and rescrape the Emby library.

Here is a log from my ‘‘old’’ emby server where the above issue does not play!
Maybe you can compare the two databases and it will help you.
This is from my Himedia android player with internal harddrive.
The other one is from my Synology nas with emby and his own harddrive.
Both drives have the same database.

Maybe I was not clear enough, there’s nothing I can do on Yatse side, Emby returns the data in double with different IDs.

You need to figure out what is going on on your Emby server and have it cleaning up it’s data. Different IDs = different songs, even if I tested duplicates on files names the IDs would not match on other parts and everything would be broken.

oké thx,
maybe Kodi is a better solution for me.

For music and if no need for external access / transcoding then yes if your media are properly tagged it’s way better at handling music.