The time cursor is partially hiding the time left during playback

In the latest version of yatse the time bar is gone way bigger than it was before and now when near the end of the movie it partiality hides the time left. Personally I also find it too big for no real reason, but it could just be me.
Nonetheless it’s a small inconvenience and could be easy fixed.

Please provide a screen shot and device details.

Sorry, I forgot to add the screenshot.
The device is a huawei YAL-L21.

Hum seems the params are ignored on your device.

Please provide logs How to get debug information and open a proper issue so I have everything to try to reproduce.

Also can you try to press the volume buttons and see if the same happen in the volume dialog ?

And yes, it does happens also with the volume control. I never use it, so I didn’t notice before.

Ok so you are on beta 1 and have not updated to beta 2 :slight_smile:

Can you please update to beta 2 and confirm if it works better ?