The ability to hide controls on now playing screen in landscape mode

Ive been trying to find a way to have album art stretched to width of phone in landscape mode, just like yatse is doing here, but without the buttons, just the cover art. I would love the option hide the controls. I’ve tried all the kodi remote apps and web interfaces.

Why I want this:
I have a set up a headless car audio system using a le potato, USB DAC, and 5 channel amp. The potato is running coreelec. I control it using a bluetooth remote from my steering wheel and yatse on my phone. Its a nice setup that sounds great and allows me to keep my factory radio functioning. I would love an album art only view in landscape mode.

Sorry but a little out of scope, Yatse is a remote, if you remove the remote function it works a lot less correctly :stuck_out_tongue:

You can probably cheat this by using the option to set the thumbnail as wallpaper and have the phone show an home page without any icons on it.

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haha yea hiding the buttons on a remote doesn’t make much sense. I tried the live wallpaper originally but could not get it to work. But after turning it on and giving it a couple minutes it started working! Success!