Tasker plugin: send Kodi commands to host

Tried to use Tasker plugin to run custom commands. It’s cool.
Is it possible to add the ability to “directly” call Kodi functions (listed here - https://kodi.wiki/view/List_of_built-in_functions) from the Tasker plugin to make it more flexible?
For example I have a scenario to start a Kodi playlist by shedule. Created Yatse custom command and it works well. But I need to run a playlist from a random position. And to change the playlist name (automatically generated) from time to time.
It’s possible to implement, using the power of Tasker automation.
Thanks in advance.

There’s no plans for that, you can easily do all that with the power of Kodi addons :wink:

Writing a small python code on Kodi can probably solve your need.