Tasker - Obsolete command id's


in the Yatse plugin of Tasker there is after some time a huge of double and old entries in the command id list. How can i reset, cleaning this list?

Android 10
Latest Yatse and Tasker

You can’t, the custom commands are tied to Kodi versions so each time you migrate your Kodi to a new major version Yatse update / convert those for the new version. But the previous ones are still present as you could still have that version on another host.

Only way to clean is to clear Yatse data and start fresh.

This make sense with new kodi major version but start Yatse from fresh is a hammer method.
Would be nice to have an option per host or something like that in Yatse App to clean/re-import the command id’s.

You can already export any custom command you want and import them, or save / restore what you want.

Your issue is just about a list too long inside the tasker plugin that you nearly never use when the task is done, everything else hide those details to users.

So no building a complex management setup that most users would not understand to fix a somewhat non issue does not make sense in term of investment, maintenance and generated support sorry.


if i export Yatse settings and hosts to cloud, clear Yatse data and re-import only settings/hosts from the cloud will clean the command id list? Is this the “Custom Commands” in "Save to the Cloud’?

Yes it restores what you select unless you choose quick restore in first run.

You can also export each custom commands you want individually and import them later.

Where can i export/import each custom command individually? Doesn’t find it. Tried with local export of custom commands and cloud backup. No dialog where i can select which commands i want to import/export.

EDIT: Ok, found it. In the Yatse remote window where the commands are sitting and for each command the export function! :+1:

New LE10/Kodi version, still the old problem with huge list of Tasker custom command list.

What i did in order:
Deleted all settings in Yatse.
Stopped and deleted cache of Tasker/Yatse.
Deleted cache/dalvik cache in phones recovery (i know, optional only).
Added fresh the Kodi host (named same as before ‘Morty’) in Yatse. Some custom commands got imported.
Start Tasker and look in the list. Now i got more custom commands then before! :cry:

LibreElec 10/Kodi 19 Matrix
Android 11 (LineageOS 17.1)
Latest Yatse/Tasker from Play Store.

There also some standard commands in hidden but the list in kodi is way longer then all in Yatse.